About the Author


Diana J Noble was born in Laredo, Texas on the north bank of the Rio Grande in South Texas, across from Nuevo Laredo, Tamaulipas, Mexico and had the good fortune of growing up immersed in both Mexican and American cultures and traditions.

Some of her favorite childhood memories are of making tamales with family at Christmastime, singing traditional Mexican songs at family gatherings with her father on guitar and watching her mother and grandmothers make the most delicious Mexican food, a passion she shares.

Her young adult novel, Evangelina Takes Flight, published by Arte Público Press, is based loosely on her paternal grandmother’s life but has stories of other relatives and memories from her own childhood woven into every page. It’s received high praise from Kirkus Reviews, Forward Reviews (5 stars), Booklist Online and was recently named a Junior Library Guild selection.

Diana is a seasoned public speaker and would be happy to speak to groups interested in knowing more about Evangelina Takes Flight and/or her author’s journey.

Diana lives in Washington State with her family and 2 adorable pooches, Luna and Diego. Aside from family-time (always #1!) and writing, you can find her cooking/baking, dancing (disco baby!) and performing in a 1970s show band. She can be reached at dianajnoble@yahoo.com.

Click below to see an interview with Diana by PhD student, Annette Zapata, to learn more about Diana’s motivations for writing the novel and what she hopes readers will get out of it.Interview with Annette Zapata

A description of Diana’s second novel, Call Girl, follows:

It hits Julia Navarro-Nilsson like a fully loaded diaper bag in the face. The new mother thing is not at all like she’s seen in baby magazines and Huggies commercials. She wants to feel an overwhelming sense of affection and devotion and coo over her little one’s velvety soft skin, tiny brown curls and sweet sounds, but the reality is, motherhood is effin’ hard! That, combined with her job as a call center manager at the city’s daily newspaper, a preposterous union grievance filed against her, and the suspicious rise in power of her womanizing boss makes for a hilarious combination of the new mommy blues, wacky employees, mystery and just desserts.


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