Evangelina Takes Flight Sequel Coming Fall 2021 With an Afterword by John Morán González


The Evangelina Takes Flight sequel is set for publication by Arte Público Press–Piñata Books, in fall 2021.

You may wonder why I refer to it as the “Evangelina Takes Flight Sequel.”

When an author sells their manuscript to a traditional publisher (as opposed to a self-publication uploaded on a platform such as Amazon), the ownership of the work transfers to the publisher. While I have a working title, Chances in Disguise, the publisher, with my input, will determine the final title, format and cover art.

For this book, an afterword will follow, providing the true historical background and relevance to what’s happening in our world today. I say, “true” because the racial violence portrayed in 1910s Texas has not been fully acknowledged in history books or elsewhere.

I am thrilled to announce John Morán González, Ph.D. as the author of the afterword. Dr. González is the co-founder of the Refusing to Forget non-profit organization, a Frank Dobie Regents Professor of American and English and Director of the Center for Mexican American Studies, the University of Texas at Austin. I am deeply honored that he agreed to contribute.

A snippet of the afterword follows:

Chances in Disguise operates at two distinct but related levels. The first is to restore to public knowledge a critical history of anti-Mexican violence not otherwise taught in the national educational system. The second is to urge a strong, collective response from today’s readers to take up the challenge of ensuring justice for all, and not just for the privileged few.

A role model in this effort, Evangelina is indeed a strong, feminist hero, as she, together with her community, transforms the challenge of racial and gendered injustice by the legal system into a chance, in disguise, to strive for a better future.

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1 Response to Evangelina Takes Flight Sequel Coming Fall 2021 With an Afterword by John Morán González

  1. Janet Bishop says:

    I am so excited for the second book! I loved the first book so much as you are a gifted and talented writer. Evangelina has an engaging and insightful story and it was a pleasure to read. Looking forward to more 🙂

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