Grammarly, Copyediting Software/App


For those of you who need editing help—this is for you!

It’s been weeks since I’ve written something on this blog. Between being overwhelmed by what’s happening at home and abroad with the health and humanitarian crisis and focusing on my writing 4-6 hours a day, I haven’t had the energy to think of anything worth posting. Experts in marketing say you should frequently post—anything to keep your readers engaged. Nah. I promise never to post for the sake of posting.

Today I read an article in The New York Times titled, How to Edit Your Own Writing by Harry Guinness.  In it, he goes over fundamentals of editing in a similar way to the Grammar Guide I wrote about below—he touches on the essentials, nothing more.

He also recommends a few resources. I checked out “Grammarly.” My husband, the educator, tells me it’s frequently used in schools. You’d think I would have known about it as an author, but nope, never heard of it. That’s why I’m sharing it here.

I downloaded the free version for my Windows platform (to use with Word and Outlook emails), then I quickly upgraded to the premium version, which charges a fee (reasonable in my opinion). For anyone who takes their writing seriously, plans to submit to an agent or self-publish, this software is da bomb! It finds:

  • simple grammatical errors
  • passive verbs
  • sentences that run on too long (clunky)
  • unnecessary words that add no value
  • sentences that don’t make sense
  • clichés
  • over-used words
  • words that sound too “high-falutin'” when a more straightforward choice would do
  • missing articles of speech
  • and more!

It does not edit for story structure, character development, plot strength, etc., but it’s going to save me many hours of manual work. Plus, it’s pointing out errors I didn’t know were errors and would not have corrected on my own.

Grammarly: Recommended!

And now for something completely different. Stay healthy! I care about each of you.



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