Writing, Revising and Disappearing Letters


Trying to get traction on the Evangelina Takes Flight sequel. While out on leave of absence due to foot surgery, I wrote 11 chapters in 2 1/2 weeks, which for me, felt almost miraculous. Since returning to work, I haven’t written any new chapters, just revised the old ones.

Hrrrmmmph! I think it’s time to stop revising (which can be a never-ending and maddening yet necessary process) and start creating again!

Here is an excerpt from one of the early chapters, in case you’re interested:

Not five minutes before I was ordered to get out, she squeezed my hand and called me a ‘godsend.’ All signs indicated a normal delivery. Doctor Morley, a man I had never seen until that day, delivered the baby boy and was present at the mother’s the death. I didn’t know until the next day when Sheriff Pearl arrived. You are hereby under arrest for witchcraft and the murder of Ramona Healy. My terrified family could do nothing but beg for an explanation and insist that it must be a mistake as he handcuffed and loaded me into the windowless police wagon and set off for the county jail. I heard my nine-year old brother, Tomás, running behind us, screaming my name. When the sound of his voice trailed off, the clip clop of the horse’s hooves, and the pounding of my heart joined together in terrifying rhythm.

PS: Can you tell which of the keys on this keyboard I use most?

PSS: I’ll probably revise the above numerous times before it goes to my publisher!

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