Book Review by Romeo Rosales, Jr.

Romeo Rosales, Jr

Thrilled and grateful to see this review of Evangelina Takes Flight by Romeo Rosales, Jr. posted on the Goodreads website. Mr Rosales is the Collections and Acquisitions Librarian at BiblioTech, the only 100% digital library in the country, located in San Antonio, TX. He’s also a contributor for Book Riot and Public Libraries Online, an author, blogger and historian.

“What a great, timely novel by a talented writer. Noble’s novel comes to life and should resonate with readers of all ages. Her cursory exploration of the struggle Mexican families faced during the revolution hit home for me. Although fictional, this book is definitely based off her actual family’s dilemma during the Mexican Revolution: Should we stay or should we go? Being a product of the Rio Grande Valley, a Texas – Mexico border region, I recall hearing stories about families who fled the revolution and settled in Texas towns all along the Rio Grande. Their stories, having been marginalized for too long, deserve to be told. The characters in this story are well-developed and the book reads so well, that it is quite literally hard to put down. This beautiful story of tragedy, love and loss is an important piece of literature that belongs among the pantheon of books of the same topic. I highly recommend this read for all those who have ever wondered, or even considered, the true perplexity of the relationship between Texas and Mexico.”         

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  1. Elin Noble says:

    Fantastic review!!! Kudos to you – so proud!

    Love you – e

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