Evangelina Takes Flight Review


I so enjoyed the review below by Rebecca Balcárel that I had to share it with you. Her words capture everything I tried to accomplish when writing Evangelina Takes Flight. Thank you, Rebecca!

Kids aged 10-14 will enjoy meeting Evangelina and her family as they flee their village in Mexico during the Revolution in 1911. Gone are the scrumptious fruits of their hacienda and elaborate plans for Evangelina’s quinceañera. Instead, their lives turn to surviving a nighttime escape and a cold welcome in a Texas town. Readers will root for observant, kind Evangelina as she faces racism and condescension in school and throughout town. When her intelligence is noticed by a doctor, she finds a way to shine in the midst of cruelty. With lovely turns of phrase, a well-drawn historical context, and emotional depth, this book is a must-read at this time in US history, when we need to grasp both the horrors that refugees have endured and conquered, and the gifts and talents they bring to their new homes.

Readers – if you enjoyed Evangelina Takes Flight, post a review on Amazon, goodreads or any site that accepts reviews.

In a few weeks I will be off to gorgeous Leavenworth, WA to speak to middle and high school students about the book. Looking forward to it! Will post photos soon after.

If you’d like me visit your school, book club or library, there’s more information posted on this site under “Author Interactions” in the gray bar near the top of the page.

Happy reading!

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