The Importance of Family Stories

family stories

I recently received an email from a distant cousin, Margie Coronado, who reminded me of the importance of being inquisitive about family history and taking the time to listen to our elders. When they pass, we mourn their loss and only later realize their precious memories are gone forever, and with them, our opportunity to understand our heritage and pass it on to future generations.

Don’t wait to learn your own family stories. Ask your parents and/or grandparents soon, and record what they say with a recording device or in writing. Their stories are a treasure of incalculable value. Capture and pass them on. Evangelina Takes Flight, is a retelling of my own family stories with a lot of creative license thrown in. My mother, father, Tío David, cousin Chema and others provided the family history, and what an honor it was. I only wish I’d asked my grandmothers to tell me about their experiences firsthand, but I lost that chance a long time ago.

Thank you to cousin Margie for the following:

I stayed up quite late reading “Evangelina Takes Flight” … I had to know what was going to happen to Evangelina and her family. What a heartwarming story!

I loved all the characters and wondered throughout the story how many of my ancestors faced similar obstacles and challenges. I wondered if they also fled the revolution in Mexico and wound up settling in Guerrero, Zapata, Laredo, Hebbronville ….  I wish I had been old enough and knowledgeable enough to have asked my grandparents about their journey, and that of their ancestors, to the U.S.

Now there is no one to ask.  Everyone is gone and there is no one to ask except my mom and my aunt but, unfortunately, they are both in the last stages of dementia. However, I feel so blessed to have gotten a glimpse of my ancestral history through the book. Since I started reading about our ancestors, I am filled with such pride and wonder for all they endured and accomplished.  




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