When You Need a Really Uplifting Song

So much going on in the world; so much sadness, so much division, so much fear and despair. Many are focused on casting aspersions, pointing fingers and judging others, filled with their own self-righteousness rather than trying to understand and find common ground. It can be overwhelming. But, I’ve heard many heartwarming stories of kindness, love, compassion and inclusiveness. Those stories are all around us, too. Just last night, our youngest child, on the cusp of adulthood, decided to volunteer in Houston for the next 10 days. Not knowing exactly what she’ll be doing when she gets there, and giving up time to be with friends before she heads off to college in 3 weeks, she’s going, because her heart is aching to help others who’ve lost so much.

In reflecting on the tragedy of Hurricane Harvey and the hope people need to get up every day and keep at it, I remembered this song – “I’m Going All the Way” by the Sounds of Blackness. I heard it decades ago when I was running a charity carwash at work. Executives were in their shorts and flip-flops, scrubbing and drying cars for donations. My buddy and co-worker, Craig, was spinning high energy tunes with his fancy disc jockey equipment and huge speakers. Another coworker, JJ, handed Craig a CD and said, “You’ve got to play this.” And, on that sunny day in Seattle, it made me smile – big and goofy, and swing my hips and otherwise, get my groove on, right there, in front of everyone. (The truth is, I like getting my groove on, and I don’t care who’s watching.) This is one of the most hopeful, uplifting songs I know. So worth the 5 minutes! Turn it up! You’re going to love it.

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