Laredo Public Library Teen Advisory Board & ETF Named a Junior Library Guild Selection

Laredo Public Library 7.11.17

So pleased to have met members of Laredo Public Library’s Teen Advisory Board at the event held on July 11, 2017. I had a chance to speak with some of them, all of whom had completed reading the book or were part way through. Here are some of the comments I heard when I asked, “What was your overall impression of the book?”

  • It represents my culture.
  • It makes me think about what some of my ancestors had to go through when they came to the US.
  • It describes some of the things we know about, but people don’t usually talk about (discrimination against immigrants).
  • I like that the main character is a female and a Latina.
  • I don’t normally read this kind of book (historical fiction), but I loved this one!
  • My favorite scene was the Town Hall meeting (note: that’s one of my favorite scenes, too).

The Teen Advisory Board is having a book talk on July 20 to discuss the novel. I look forward to hearing how it goes. Thanks to Renee LaPerriere, Librarian for the Joe A. Guerra Public Library’s Luciano Guajardo Historical Collection for arranging the event.

OTHER NEWS – Evangelina Takes Flight was recently named a Junior Library Guild Selection – a huge honor!

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