1st Book Review by Kirkus Reviews!

Kirkus Reviews LogoMy publisher sent out “galley” copies of Evangelina Takes Flight soliciting reviews for the back cover. They sent them to places like The New York Times, The Miami Herald, The Houston Chronicle, The Seattle Times, Kirkus Reviews and others. The first review came back, and I could not be happier with it. This is the stuff dreams are made of, especially for a first-time author. Be the first to read it here:

In 1911 during the Mexican Revolution, a Mexican family seeking refuge from Pancho Villa, soldiers, and violence migrates to Texas. Debut novelist Noble introduces 13-year-old Evangelina de León—a self-aware, observant, caring daughter and sister—her six siblings, parents, and abuelo, who live on a ranch located outside of Mariposa, a small, northern (fictional) Mexican town. Days after her sister’s quinceañera and the news of imminent raids and violence, the family splits up and, in waves, arrive at a relative’s home in Texas. They have not left struggle behind, however. Signs that read “No Perros! No Negros! No Mexicanos!” tell them they are shunned at grocery stores. The political and racial tensions in their new home town are not subtle: the family is denied a burial for a stillborn son; foreign-born children must use the woods as a bathroom instead of the school’s outhouse; a black boy is shot; a Lebanese kid is harassed; a young Mexican boy is spat upon; and both white children and adults are cruel to the immigrants in the neighborhood. Using the first person with Spanish sprinkled throughout, Noble propels the novel with vivid imagery and lovely prose, successfully guiding readers behind an immigrant family’s lens. Heartbreakingly real scenarios and the family’s perseverance will allow readers to forgive slow-moving sections. Loosely based on Noble’s own grandmother’s story, this debut hits awfully close to home in the current anti-immigrant political climate. (Historical fiction. 10-14)


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One Response to 1st Book Review by Kirkus Reviews!

  1. Elin Noble says:

    This is FANTASTIC!!! I am so pleased and proud!!

    You deserve all the praise.

    Love you and hope your back surgery is scheduled for – soon!


    elin@elinnoble.com http://www.elinnoble.com

    Sent from my iPhone, typos and all.

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