Cover Art – Final

Evangelina Takes Flight Final Cover

It’s been a long time coming. Here is the cover art Arte Público Press decided to go with. You can find Evangelina Takes Flight on a number of websites for “pre-order” since it doesn’t come out until May 31, but Amazon has it now with a photo of the cover art.

New blog banner coming soon – something beautiful and near and dear to my heart.

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2 Responses to Cover Art – Final

  1. Elin Noble says:

    This is fabulous – and are so proud of you!

    Hope you like the cover art, it seems like it illustrates the story well. Just perfect!!

    I love that it will be released on my birthday – a great day to celebrate two events!!

    Hope you’ve had some reprieve from back pain recently!

    Xoxo elin

    Sent from my iPhone, typos and all.

  2. Elin Noble says:

    sooooh cool! We just ordered a pre-publication copy!


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