Progress on the Write Path Made Possible by the Love & Support of Family & Friends

Tree with family and friends

Big shout out today to all the family and friends who’ve supported me throughout my writing journey; both with Evangelina Takes Flight and Call Girl (which is now about 2/3 done).

My father recently arranged for me to do a book reading and signing event at the Laredo Public Library on July 11. Laredo, Texas is my birthplace and my Dad’s.

He got the name of who to speak with at the library from a distant cousin, someone neither of us has ever met. This cousin, Joe, wrote us an email with a long list of potential contacts who might be interested in helping me promote Evangelina Takes Flight. Another distant cousin, Tío Chema, and published author, whom I’ve never met, has been in contact with me for years with encouragement and tips based on his experience. My Tío David has been an invaluable help in his unofficial role as family historian, which was crucial since Evangelina Takes Flight was based, in part, on his mother’s (my abuelita’s) life story.

There are many others in the family who’ve provided moral support and even propped me up from time to time, especially Dad, Mom, my husband, our 3 kids & daughter in law.

And my friends? Wow! I can’t tell you how many friends have encouraged and inspired me to keep going when the road seemed too steep and long to tackle. When I was tired or feeling like a failure or doubting my manuscript was good enough to be published, they smiled, patted me on the back and said, “You can do this!” There are too many to name here, but you know who you are!

This is my heartfelt thank you to everyone who’s supported me. I appreciate all of you more than words can express.

Friends and family – they’re what makes my life worthwhile.

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