Book Galleys are Not on Ships

harry-potter-galley-copyAs a first-time author, naturally, I have NO idea how the publishing process works, but it’s been kind of exciting to figure it out, one little piece at a time, like unraveling a mystery! My publisher, Arte Público Press, notified me they were preparing to layout my manuscript for galleys, to which I raised an eyebrow and the left corner of my upper lip and said, “Huh?”.

In my effort to keep you informed, I’m sharing the behind the scenes publishing stuff most people never know about! Another author, Catherine Delors, had this description on her blog.

In the publishing world, galleys, or uncorrected proofs, or advance reading copies, or ARCs, are created by the publisher months before the final printing and release of the book. They are sent to reviewers, booksellers, bloggers and other people crucial to the critical and commercial success of the book. A few stray typos may remain in galleys, and they are bound like paperbacks, though the cover is similar to that of the final book. Some may become collector’s items. They are after all “pre-first” editions.

I also found a 2-minute video on the subject.

Sometime this month or next I’m supposed to get proposals for cover art. Anxiously awaiting that. Once we have the cover art, this will all become very real!

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3 Responses to Book Galleys are Not on Ships

  1. Elin Noble says:

    V E R Y E X C I T I N G !!!!!

    It is all moving along at a nice clip!

    We are in the middle of a snow storm. We are tucked warmly inside and have a butter chicken cooking on the stove. All smells great and the snow plow has just taken its first turn through our parking lot. He will come back again after the snow stops for the last pass. Looks like there is about 12” right now. A lot of snow for us!

    Have a lovely weekend!!

    xoxox elin

  2. dianajnoble says:

    Thank you Elin! This process will have taken something like 14 months between their email offering me a contract and the actual publishing, but it’ll be well worth the wait! Of course, I started writing the book in late 2010, so it’s no wonder I’m so excited! Stay safe in that crazy weather. Hope you can hunker down inside and enjoy the quiet time.

  3. Anne Frantilla says:

    It is sooo exciting!

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