Writer’s Block Unblocked

writers-blockIt’s been something like 5 months since I wrote anything new in my 2nd book, Call Girl. Writer’s block is not only being unable to figure out WHAT to write, but also an emotional state. I went through this with Evangelina Takes Flight, too. I got to a point where I just wasn’t in an emotional space that allowed me to write fruitfully. And, I can’t explain what changed to free up my creative mind and kick out the emotional blockage, but it did. Over the past week I’ve written 3 new chapters, and I’m back to loving the experience again. When you’re not in the right frame of mind, writing can seem like a chore. When you’re in the right frame of mind, writing is PURE JOY. At least for me it is.

For a writers’ conference this past fall I wrote what’s called a “concept statement” for my new book. While I was there, I got great feedback on my first few chapters from a respected writer and professor. I needed that encouragement!

It hits Julia Navarro-Nilsson like a fully loaded diaper bag in the face. The new mother thing is not at all like she’s seen in baby magazines and Huggies commercials. She wants to feel an overwhelming sense of affection and devotion and coo over her little one’s velvety soft skin, tiny brown curls and sweet sounds, but the reality is, motherhood is effin’ hard! That, combined with her job as a call center manager at the city’s daily newspaper, a preposterous union grievance filed against her, and the suspicious rise in power of her womanizing boss makes for a hilarious combination of the new mommy blues, wacky employees, mystery and just desserts.

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