Publishing Details – Evangelina Takes Flight

publisher-cartoonI spoke to the Assistant Director at Arte Público Press and got some new details about my book’s publication.

  • They’ve decided to print it in English only (for now) rather than in a bilingual format.
  • The price will be $10.95.
  • As it stands now, before all the editing, it’s 152 pages.
  • Editing will happen in 3 phases by 3 people with varying perspectives and expertise. By contract, my approval is required for any edits they recommend.
  • They’re now preparing the catalog copy (short book description/the “hook”) for their annual spring trade brochure which will be used by their sales reps to market the book. Primary targets are school library associations, children’s book conferences, teachers’ conferences, etc..
  • My book will be available through multiple channels in hardcopy and online.
  • In early January they’ll send advance copies to places like Booklist, Kirkus Reviews, the New York Times and other major media outlets in hopes of creating a buzz and getting reviews they can use as “book blurbs” on the back cover.
  • The first print run will be 3,000 books.
  • I suggested an idea for the book cover which they liked and plan to use. Looking forward to the final product.
  • Book launch is May 31, 2017. A press release will be sent.

After a long haul, this is actually happening!

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