Book Title – Evangelina Takes Flight

Yes!!! Things are starting to come together. The title for the book has been changed from “Mariposa” to” Evangelina Takes Flight” which makes me happy on a few levels. First, I love the name Evangelina, and it’s my maternal grandmother’s name (center, below), although the book is loosely based on my paternal grandmother, Adelfa Garcia Jacobs. I’m thrilled my maternal grandmother’s name is in the title. Second, the terminology “takes flight” has two meanings. Evangelina and her family flee the Revolution in Mexico, plus the analogy of  a butterfly braving sure danger every year to find a warmer environment relates to Evangelina’s situation.



The “real” Evangelina (center).

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4 Responses to Book Title – Evangelina Takes Flight

  1. Cindy says:

    I love the new name, Diana! The photo is wonderful to see as well! Lovely women all. How can I get a copy when it comes out?

    • dianajnoble says:

      Not sure yet, but will make sure to publicize it widely on this blog and FB when I know all the details! I’m pretty sure it’ll be on Amazon. Thank you for your support, Cindy!

  2. Elin Noble says:


    Makes me smile!

    see you next week – already! Friday will come quickly.


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