Music for the Mexican Soul


This post is about traditional music for the Mexican soul – or at least for the souls of Mexicans over the age of 40, although many in younger generations appreciate it, too. (Check out the video links below, especially for La Malagueña which includes one of the best vocal performances you’ll ever hear.)

Just a few days ago my parents hosted a 2nd wedding reception for our son and daughter-in-law. You see, they were married in Seattle, but the vast majority of my family and family friends are in Texas and didn’t get to attend the ceremony and first reception.

The fiesta in Texas was all I hoped it would be – we had close to 100 guests, some of whom drove 5 hours to get there and even the bride’s parents who flew in from Washington state!

The food was delicious (fajitas, frijoles a la charra, guacamole, rice, tortillas, sangria), the company superb and the music…well, the music made my heart melt.

I wrote a post sometime back about traditional Mexican love songs and how prominent they are in my life story. So, it wasn’t a surprise that my father hired a trio for the fiesta – the harmonies so rich, their voices so clear and song choices perfect for the occasion. The songs our son specifically requested were Solamente Una Vez, La Malagueña Salerosa and El Reloj.

I’ve included links here of the three songs as performed by Trio Los Panchos. It doesn’t get any better than this. If you only listen to one, listen to La Malagueña – it’s stunning!

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