Pumpkin Flan – Heavenly!

???????????????????????????????It’s been ages since I posted a recipe on this site and it’s high time I fix that!  Rather than share a favorite, old-home, grandma-used-to-make-this recipe, I am sharing the Epicurious recipe for pumpkin flan.  Although, it’s not like your typical slippery, somewhat thin, often unsatisfying flan.  It’s like a thick, creamy, fill-your-belly, rich-flavored custard.  And, it’s extremely bad for you!  It has butter! And condensed milk!  And evaporated milk!  And 6 eggs, yes, 6!  And a can of Coco Lopez like the stuff you use in piña coladas!  Yikes.  My arteries are getting clogged just typing this. But, it’s truly delicious and you and your family will love it.  It makes a 13×9 pan so it’d be great for a potluck or family gathering.  The recipe calls for a meringue topping, but I think that stuff is fluffy nothingness – I mean, it evaporates in your mouth.  I serve it with lightly sweetened whipped cream, with Mexican vanilla in it, of course.  If you’ve never tried good Mexican vanilla, you are missing out!  It’s nothing like regular store bought vanilla.  I recommend “La Vencedora Pure Mexican Vanilla Extract” which you can order online.  Some brands are watered down, but not that one! Find the pumpkin flan recipe here:  http://www.epicurious.com/recipes/food/views/pumpkin-flan-with-meringue-14457 On a related note – Mexicans don’t have endless varieties of desserts.  At least not the Tex-Mexicans I know so well.  My Grandma used to make rice pudding with cinnamon, bread pudding with apples and walnuts and tiny cinnamon sugar cookies called biscochitos.  A family friend made leche quemada (caramel fudge) and my father’s favorite was candied fruit & vegetables such as sweet potato (camote) and pineapple.

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