The 2nd Half of the Story – Coming Along Slowly

The first half of my story takes place in Mexico where we get to know Evangelina, her parents, grandfather and 8 siblings.  I paint a vivid picture of her life – full of laughter, family time, daily chores like hauling water, grinding corn, taking care of her little brothers and sister and planning for a BIG party, her twin siblings’ 15th birthday party (Quinceañera).  All this is tempered by the backdrop of the Mexican Revolution which is growing by the day and threatening her family’s safety and way of life (and wreaking havoc on the rest of her country).

A number of things happen in the first part of the story that bring tremendous uncertainty and anxiety for Evangelina, but she and her family muddle through and manage to leave Mexico and safely cross over the Rio Grande into Texas.  I won’t tell you much more than that other there’s an encounter with a scorpion, a recurring nightmare about a howling woman who steals children in the night and a mysterious box with dangerous, even deadly contents.

Interested?  I hope so!

The second half of the story has been much harder for me to write.  I can’t say why exactly. What I know so far is Evangelina and her family will settle in a small west Texas town with an aunt and uncle.  She’ll go to school for the first time where she’ll be picked on by a bully named Rosemary, start her first real job as a housemaid in a doctor’s home in town and meet a handsome young Irishman who befriends her.

At some point Evangelina will have an opportunity to go back to Mexico – will she go and risk the perils of the Revolution or stay in America where she faces injustice and racial intolerance?

We shall see.  If anyone out there has ideas for me, I’d love to hear about them.

I want to finish the book before mid-summer.  But I have to nail down the storyline for the second half of the book first!

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