I Can Do This

This is a synopsis of my evolution through the book writing process so far.

For many years I toyed with the idea of writing a book.  The trouble was – I didn’t think I could “do” creative writing.  I’d done a considerable amount of business writing and was pretty decent at it.  Plus, I worked at a daily newspaper for 17+ years – not in the newsroom mind you, but surrounded by talented writers creating an award-winning (Pulitzer Prizes!) product made up of words – beautiful, powerful words.

The turning point was when I lost someone I loved unexpectedly.  The evolution of the grief process took me to a place where I had to think hard about what I wanted out of life – what I wanted to accomplish, to try, to experience, to be known for, to be remembered for.  There’d always been so many reasons (aka excuses) I couldn’t follow through on some of my dreams.  Too busy.  Too tired.  Too broke.  Creativity-challenged brain.

But I didn’t want to be known as the person who was too tired, too broke and too busy to follow her dreams, so I decided, “to Hell with that!” and began formulating my bucket list.

First on the list was to be in a musical.  I tried out for a local community theatre’s production of Annie and got a spot in the ensemble.  It was one of the harder things I’ve done but ultimately, so rewarding and what memories I now have!  I can sing!  I can dance!  I can act!  I can sing and dance and act at the same time!

Next on the list, write that book that’s been knocking around inside my head for twenty years.  I signed up for a writing class at the local community college called Fundamentals of Fiction.  That did it!  The instructor gave me encouraging feedback about my writing and I discovered I could actually do what I’d long assumed I couldn’t do – use my creative mind to write something longer than 3 pages!

Once I got going, I just kept going!  The more I wrote the more excited I got about the project.  I engaged my dad in helping with the storyline, then my mom.  The two of them have provided sound guidance throughout the writing process plus helped me translate from English to Spanish in some places.  My Spanish skills are limited and they are completely fluent in both languages.

My husband and daughter have read every chapter.   Our two grown boys have read some of the chapters, too.  The whole family is in on this thing!

I will write more about this later – there is so much to share about this process.  I’ve gotten in touch with relatives I never knew I had.  As a result of all these connections I started communicating with a Mexican genealogy researcher.  I now have a genealogy book that chronicles my family tree back to the year 0602 – I am not making that up!  This undertaking has opened up a whole new world for me, and I am loving it – every bit of it.

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2 Responses to I Can Do This

  1. Sandy Barnes says:

    I would love to be in a musical except that I can’t sing and I can’t dance. Other than that, I would be great at it. Wondering about that date, did you mean 1602?

  2. dianajnoble says:

    Well, the info I have goes back to 0602 – I understand how that could be difficult to believe, and I do wonder how well records could have been maintained back then, if there were any records at all. The information was put together by a well-established genealogist named Crispin Rendon. His specialty is genealogy from northern Mexico and south Texas. He doesn’t charge anything for the information. He does it as a hobby! Copy and paste this address into your browser to read a little information about him. http://mexicangenealogy.info/crispin-rendon-people-of-interest-in-mexican-genealogy

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