Mexican Revolution Photos

Agustin Victor Casasola

Hello!  Evangelina’s Journey takes place at the start of the Mexican Revolution which lasted from 1910-1920.  An exact number of casualties isn’t known, but Historians estimate between 1,000,000 and 2,000,000 lost their lives.  Hundreds of thousands of Mexicans (almost 1,000,000!) fled to the United States to find safety, peace and stability.  The bulk of those settled in Texas like my Abuelita and her family.Writing this book has required me to do substantial research about the Revolution and the time period.  What would a young girl have worn in 1911?  What sorts of daily chores would she do on a Mexican ranch?  Would she attend school or be homeschooled mostly through Bible study?  What were the social  classes like and for those Mexicans living in dire poverty, what hardships did they face?  What was life like for the Mexicans once they arrived in the US?  Could they find work?  Did they face discrimination?

I have dozens of websites “bookmarked” on my computer so I can easily find reference information (of course I’ve bought and checked out books, too).  One particular Google Images search shows photos by Agustin Victor Casasola, the most prolific Mexican photographer of the day and founder of the Mexican Association of Press Photographers.  Seeing people who lived in that time and fought on either side of the Revolution has proven enormously helpful because I can see the clothing they wore, the situations they found themselves in, the emotions on their faces.  I take what I see in the images and use it in my writing.

To see the photos for yourselves click on this link:

Hasta luego!  Until next time!

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