Evangelina’s Journey

The "real" Evangelina (center).  On the left is my Tía Ida and on the right is my own mother, Belinda.

The “real” Evangelina (center). On the left is my Tía Ida and on the right is my own mother, Belinda.

Okay, in my first post I mentioned I am writing a book and WHY I am writing it, but I didn’t tell you anything about the story itself.  My working title is Evangelina’s Journey – I’m told it’ll likely get changed if I find a Publisher to take it on so I’m trying not to get too attached to it.

For now, I’ll tell you how the story starts.

Evangelina De León lives on a ranch that’s been in her family for generations.  The ranch, Rancho Encantado, is near the fictional town of Mariposa in northern Mexico.  There’s a lovely story about how Mariposa got its name, but for that you’ll have to read the book!

In the earliest chapters Evangelina’s family is busy preparing for her sister Elsa’s Quinceañera – or 15th coming of age party.  Elsa has a twin – Enrique, so it’s his Quinceañera, too but the party itself is always about the girl!

In the midst of planning the festivities Evangelina overhears a conversation – a conversation that troubles her deeply.  The Revolution is growing.  When it began, the fighting was centered primarily in central and southern Mexico.  Now, it’s moving north.

More to come in later posts!  Thanks to everyone who’s responded with words of encouragement.  It means the world to me!

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2 Responses to Evangelina’s Journey

  1. Cindy says:

    This is WONDERFUL, Diana! Thanks so much for doing this. It will be fascinating for me to follow this process, and any Diana Noble recipes are a gift (just an added bonus!). You are so brave and tenacious to do this! An inspiration….

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