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Hello out there!  My name is Diana J Noble and this is my very first blog post.  I am thrilled to get this underway!  There are a few reasons behind the launch of my blog.

First, I was privileged to grow up in a Mexican-American family.  The culture in which I was immersed was rich with tradition, dedication to family and friends, incredible food, beautiful music, and what I might describe as “values-based living”.  In today’s world, some people’s ideas of Mexicans and Mexican-Americans aren’t always positive.  In fact, some of the negative stereotypes overshadow the beauty of the people and their way of life.  I’d like to share some memories that will help you and others understand it…and feel it.

Second, a few years ago I embarked on one of the most challenging and enjoyable journeys of my life.  I started writing a book!  The intended audience is young adults (approximately 12-16 years old), however, my hope is that when it’s published adults will enjoy it, too.  The story is based loosely on my paternal grandmother’s life but is full of my own childhood memories and stories I’ve heard from family members over the years.

My grandmother was born on April 19, 1899, in Ciudad Guerrero, Tamaulipas, Mexico and baptized as Maria Adelfa Josefina Garcia.  Her father was the mayor (Presidente Municipal) of their small town. They were ranchers with thousands of cattle and a great deal of acreage.  The Mexican Revolution erupted in 1910 and in 1912 she and her family fled Mexico to escape the chaos, instability and dangers of the time.  They settled in south Texas where my grandmother (whom I called Abuelita) eventually met and married my grandfather, Joseph Crosby Jacobs, the son of a Lebanese father and English mother.

That snippet of my Abuelita’s life story is the basis for my whole book.  Given I don’t have a lot of detail about that time in her life, I’ve taken enormous creative liberties and crafted an entire story.  Thus, my book is a young adult historical fiction, not a biographical account of her life.

By writing it as a fiction I’ve been able to mine the depths of my creative mind (I wasn’t sure I even had a creative mind before this) and build a storyline I hope will immerse people in Mexican-American life, the historical aspects of the Mexican Revolution and the hardships many Mexicans faced when they arrived in the United States.

My protagonist’s name is Evangelina, rather than Adelfa.  Evangelina is my maternal grandmother’s name so in some ways this book honors both of them.  Strong, brave, loving, hardworking Mexican women who overcame hardship to raise tight-knit loving families who’ve gone on to contribute immeasurably to their own loved ones and communities.

Oh, and both of them were outstanding cooks!  Look for Mexican food recipes from the heart in future posts.

I will keep you up to date as my book progresses.  It’s about 2/3 done, but there’s so much more to do!  A huge thank you to my amazing mother and father, Belinda and Arturo Jacobs who’ve provided immeasurable support and guidance through the writing process.

Thanks for reading and I’d love to hear from you!

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13 Responses to Here I Go!

  1. Arturo Jacobs says:

    Hija: The content with which you have launched your web site is classy, beautiful, and interesting, and I like the beautiful art work on the web site itself. Love – Dad

  2. Sandy Barnes says:

    Congratulations! I am especially looking forward to the recipes!

  3. dianajnoble says:

    Dad, this book will be a tribute to our family and the love you and Mom surrounded us with each and every day. Regarding my novel and the writing process, I can’t thank you enough for your encouragement, sharing of historical and cultural information, editing suggestions and English-Spanish translation when I haven’t been able to get it “quite right”. With my rusty Spanish skills, I try – but you and Mom are the experts!

  4. Jean Engler says:

    Diana, I look forward to reading more. Jean

  5. Dearest Diana: We love your beautiful web site and are very interested in reading your book when it is published particularly because my wife, Katherine Saminago, was born in Nuevo Mexico and is related to the origanal Spanish settlers who came from Spain to that region everal hundres years ago. The history, culture, and, of course, the Nuevo Mexicican cuisine is all a big part of our lives. We have enjoyed a marvelous relationship with your Father and Mother for many year since we worked together both is the United States and abroad.

    • dianajnoble says:

      Tim and Katherine – thank you for your note. I have been thrilled to work on this project and am anxious to finish it! I will keep everyone posted as the time draws nearer. I will start giving bits of information about the storyline in my next blog posts so you’ll have a better understanding of the characters, the challenges they face and how they manage those challenges with the support of their family.

  6. Taylor Noble says:

    What an awesome way to share your stories and recipes mom!

  7. dianajnoble says:

    Tim and Katherine – I am not using any special software. I’m currently just typing and typing on typing on Microsoft Word! For now it seems to suffice. But…is there a better option out there? I am not the most technologically savvy person so I am always looking for advice.

  8. margaret morency says:

    Diana, this is such a wonderful project….. good luck and I will no doubt be a fan….

  9. dljacobs2013 says:

    Diana, being well aware of your creative capabilities and Ross’ technical know how, it comes as no surprise to me that you two have come up with this great idea. Your candid exposition of your writings coupled with the bookmarking of websites like the fantastic photo collection of Mexico’s Revolution by Agustin Victor Casasola is awesome. — Love Tio David

  10. dianajnoble says:

    Tio, thank you for the encouragement. I hope to have the book completed and start shopping it around to traditional publishers in summer 2014. If I can’t get it published the “old fashioned” way there’s always the wide open world of self-publishing, so one way or another, I’ll finish this and see it in print. And you are right about Russ – he has been a huge help to me with his technology expertise and patience as I sit at the computer night after night, weekend after weekend.



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